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Tell me about yourself

My background includes a BFA in Graphic Design from Boston University and a Webmaster Certification in Web Design from North Carolina State University. I am also a General Assembly WDI graduate.

I am currently a Software Engineer at Condé Nast. My favorite technologies include Node and various JS frameworks, both server and client side. I also volunteer with groups like Women Who Code in my free time.

Who me?

A fierce combination of left-brained analysis and strategy with right-brained intuition and passion.

It's an art really

My day-to-day includes building web applications on a full JS stack. Thus JavaScript, React, Hapi, HTML5, and Sass are my weapons of choice. I also interact with multiple JSON APIs via client-side fetches, proxy layers, and server requests. All applications are built within AWS's ecosystem.

Past trials and tribulations include working with various Node frameworks like Express and Sails as well as Ruby frameworks like Rails and Sinatra. I also have experience with SEO optimization and Section 508 accessibility for web applications.

I am used to working in an agile team, with sprint-based development life cycles or a Kanban-based flow. Currently my team is on a continuous delivery pipeline, which I absolutely ❤.

No big deal

Currently I am one of the engineers responsible for innovating,, and With all of our brands now on the same platform, we have the opportunity to focus on developing features and integrations that push the applications forward into the future.

Projects I have lead in the past include the September 2016 relaunch, September 2015 relaunch, and the July 2015 relaunch. The SELF relaunch was particularly interesting as it was not only a redesign and replatform, but also a rebrand where engineering, design, product, and editorial all came together to imagine the best possible experience. The team also set a standard for performance across the company with this launch, which was very exciting.

Can I call you?

If you want to get in touch, feel free to email me with questions, requests, and general tomfoolery.